Still in the storm

It’s been a couple months since my last posting and this posting is coming from my heart.  We are still in our current journey, unemployed, yet surviving.  It has not been easy and we have had to make major adjustments and learn to be content in our current situation.  It is not easy.  The Hubs and I have been at different levels throughout this journey, The Hubs has been up when I’ve been down and vice versa until one day we both hit bottom.

You see, we have a mutual agreement and understanding since we started dating that we would speak whatever came to mind, a no filter approach, knowing in our hearts that whatever came out would not intentionally be said to hurt the other person.  We’ve practiced this 99% of our relationship and the 1% we get off track and start filtering what we say, problems arise.

When we hit bottom we said what was on our minds and cleared the air.  We both knew what was being said wasn’t the truth however it was how we were feeling for a long time.  Finally it was said.  Finally I could breath again.  Finally we were at our breaking point and there was no place to go.  No place except up.

Up to our Lord.  Up to our Jesus.  Up to I AM.

Even though the storm is still around us, the focus isn’t solely on the rain but on the knowledge that all storms come to an end and the sun shines again.

Throughout this journey we have received nuggets of I AM’s promises.  Nuggets of anonymous donations of money or gift cards; nuggets of decreased utility bills; nuggets of food lasting longer in the refrigerator; nuggets of gallons of gasoline going further; nuggets everywhere.

I know the truth – I AM loves me.  I AM provides for me and my family.  I AM wants the best for his brides and children.  I AM is in control and even if he doesn’t change my current situation, He still loves me.  And that’s all I need to know.  The truth.

Pretty Simple

Hello everyone!  It has been a crazy, busy last couple weeks and I’m glad to be back here.  Spring jumped upon us and now with summer right around the corner, what fun to expect!

This journal is pretty basic.  I AM had some pretty simple things to share, take a look.

Hello Daddy, can we talk?

Of course my child.  What would you like to talk about?

Whatever you want to share about you Daddy.

Well first I’m in charge.  Many people forget or neglect to accept that I’m in charge and will take care of things the way I need them to be.  Second, I love you.  I love people yet so many people see me as unreachable therefore give up on trying to reach me.  I am for people yet people think the opposite.  Third, I want a relationship with everyone.  Everyone.  There are so many people that believe in false gods and not me.  That is a hard thing for me to swallow.  I created these other gods yet no one seems to think that.  I AM above all and I AM all.  I AM. No one else.  If anything needs to be explained it is I AM all.  I AM everything.  I AM it. Nothing else, no one else.  Nothing.

How can I explain that to people?

You can’t explain it, you can only share it.  Tell everyone.  Tell people.  Tell the world.  I AM it.

Well, that was pretty much the end of the journal.  Daddy God wants you to remember – I AM everything.