My Tiger

Hello again.  I pray your week is wonderful and things are running smoothly for you.

Over the last few weeks I AM has pressed it upon my heart to share with you my first vision.  In comparison to The Hubs, I don’t have many visions.  I AM speaks more directly to me instead of showing me things.  Personally I hear more clearly from I AM when He tells me things. That’s how I AM responds to ‘my bent’.

My first vision happened shortly after I started journaling.  At that time, The Hubs and I were journaling in the same room together after getting both kiddos to bed, each of us talking separately to I AM.  The timing worked out best for us in the beginning.  However, now we journal first thing in the morning.  What a change!

In the beginning we turned on meditation music, cleared our minds of junk and focused on I AM.  At that time I wrote my conversation with I AM while my eyes were SHUT, yes SHUT.  99% of the time I wrote pretty good, not writing on top of the words, and the other 1% well you can only imagine.  This technique worked well for over one year and then I started not being able to read our chats.  Turns out this was how I AM pushed me in to a new experience with Him, using new techniques…but that is another frustrating story for another day.

The particular day of my first vision, my eyes were closed. I started to focus on hearing from I AM when I saw a tiger instead.  No words came from I AM yet this tiger was circling around me and occasionally looking back at me to ensure I was still there.  He was at a safe distance yet close enough for me to see him.  Now, I’ve never seen a tiger this close before, even at the zoo, yet I never felt fear or concern.  I felt protection.  The tiger continued to walk around me yet I only saw him in a half circle in front of me but I knew he was watching me from behind too.  That is all, the tiger walked around me while looking back at me but focused on the surroundings too.    Walked around me and occasionally looked at me.  That’s it. Around and around.

It wasn’t long after, I opened my eyes and the experience was over.  The Hubs talked to our mentor and was informed that the tiger was probably a visible element of protection to watch over me since I never felt fear.  If the tiger came from the enemy I would have felt fear and uncertainty, feelings I AM would never allow.

A couple weeks later, I journaled again and saw my tiger with a playmate.  I watched the two tigers play while keeping an eye on me.  It was a joy watching them.

Fast forward a year and a half. Last week I had a dream with my tiger yet instead of one or two tigers, there were about fifty to one hundred tigers sitting in a circle around me.  They were all sitting perfectly watching me patiently except for my original tiger.  If you have ever been to the circus and seen the tigers sitting still watching their master patiently waiting for commands, that was what I saw.  All tiger’s eyes were on me.

I can’t explain how I knew one of the tigers was from my original vision but I knew.  This time my tiger was laying on top of a deer.  The deer was completely still when I first looked but when I turned away I noticed my tiger attempting to remove the deer from the circle.  At this time, the deer began to move and attempt to stand up when instantly my tiger pushed the deer back down to the ground and my second tiger, the one he played with before, helped remove the deer from the circle.

Please know I have never seen videos of tigers or wild animals carefully attempting to remove a wounded animal, much less a group of tigers not pouncing at the smell of blood yet this group did not move.  It seemed like my tiger didn’t want me to notice him removing another creature.  It was a covert operation.

In my part of the world there are many deer.  Constantly we see deer and they are peaceful creatures.  They run graceful and eloquently and scatter at the slightest noise.  In my vision it was confusing to see this deer being removed from the circle by my protection tiger(s).

After talking with The Hubs there could be many reasons this deer needed to be removed: disease, illness/sickness, among other others.

The one thing I know for certain is just like the first time I saw my tiger, I still felt protected and safe, just as I feel with I AM.

Always Return

Hello again! When I first started journaling, I wasn’t sure if I was hearing from I AM or just talking to myself. The more I journaled, I realized I AM was talking to me and the more time I spent in His presence, I heard Him more when I wasn’t journaling. If you are unsure if you are hearing from I AM, don’t give up! Keep going back, don’t let too much time lapse between hearing from I AM.

The italicized sentences are I AM’s responses to me.

Hello Daddy, it has been a while and I’ve so missed you.

Then why have you been so distant?

Shame, fear you will be upset.

Never feel that way my child for that is the enemy talking. Not Me. I always want to hear from my children, even if it is a little hello, a silent cry or tear or a bellowing hello from the mountains. It is something from the ones I love. Yes, the ones because I love all of you. Never fear to return to Me as I will never turn you away. Remember I created you and want to be near you always. Not of human strength but of My strength be strong and endure. Things are happening behind the scenes you do not understand or need to know but please know I am still in control and I protect and care for my children no matter what. You are mine and only mine and I will care for you. A lot has happened since we last talked however you are still cared for correct?

Yes Daddy.

See and I will continue to care for you too. Please don’t forget that.

Pretty bad times are coming Daddy?

Yes and no. You stay strong in the faith and Me and all will be well

That’s all I need to know.

Then be well and talk to you again soon. Yes, go start the blog. Get my message of love out there.

Whoever has ears, let him hear. Matthew 11:15