Be Secure, Be Bold, Be Excited, Be Fearless

It’s been a rough few weeks in The Hubs world as the peals of thunder have rolled over me heralding the coming storm.  But before this storm announced it’s approach, Jesus had started preparing me by reassuring me of HIS love and my position with HIM, with HIM as the bridegroom.  As the first gusts of storm winds last week were leaving me less than sure-footed and without a word from me; I AM came to me with assurance, love, and a new vibrant message about who HE is and how HE LOVES and sees me.

This message of energy, assurance, security, and encouragement from HIM left me excited, breathless, jumping in excitement, and a thumping heart beating out of my chest in confidence and love for my heavenly husband.  It’s my prayer that you find HIS message just as invigorating, elevating, and fear-removing.  Without further introduction and instead of posting I AM’s message as only text, please find below an audio recreation for your listening pleasure.

For those who desire to read along as you listen, please find a copy of the transcript below in italics.

You are precious to Me.  You are more precious to Me than stones, more precious than gems, more precious than silver, more precious than all the things of man.  There is NONE on earth who prizes you as highly as I.  And therefore, NONE who can pay the price to secure you but Me.  For NONE have the riches to out-pay, out-bid, out-price ME.  You are worth more to Me than all the riches of all the world combined.  That is why I sent My most prized, My most valuable asset, resource, PRECIOUS ONE as the payment to permanently and forevermore ransom you from ANY and ALL other claims from ANY other than may try to bind you.

You are forever and irrevocable MINE; bought and paid for by My very own blood, My very own life.  There is none that can ever exceed that payment.  Thus, making you eternally Mine; Mine to cherish, Mine to value, Mine to love, Mine to share life, blessings, joy, and peace with.  You are the bride of My life, My youth, and I will never leave nor forsake you.  I have both the riches and the power to forever provide, protect, and excite you.  I have the will and the drive to defend you against all attacks, to walk through every valley, to jump at every mountaintop, to share and experience every emotion; all WITH you.  You are My bride, a bride prized and cherished more than any other.  I will forever love, cherish, protect, and provide for you.

You need NEVER fear.  There is NONE that may ever harm you.  For I AM the warrior king.  I have fought and won the war.  I faced the enemy one-on-one and won the battle.  I have a myriad of armies awaiting the breath of My order, the whisper of My word, to cascade down upon you with support and defense and upon the heads of those formed against you should you need it.  My cup never runs dry.  My spirit never abates.  My eyes never close.  And never stray.  There is NOTHING that can come against you that I don’t know of, that I don’t allow, and that I don’t have both the resources and the will to dispose of, to remove from you.  You are eternally protected, defended, and supplied.  Fear nothing for I AM with you!  There may be times you don’t see Me.  Take heart for I am there.  In those times, be invigorated and excited, for in those times, I am getting ready to show off.  I am setting the stage for you to see a new side of Me and what I can and will do for you.  Yes, I love you and am your gentle, passionate lover.  But I am also a warrior king and I like to show off for you, my lovely bride, so that you know how powerful and protective and capable a husband you have in Me, your Warrior King Husband.

I love you.  Never forget that.  There is not a time I can’t love you.

Be encouraged and emboldened.  Be excited to be My bride, My wife.  Be not timid, but be bold.  I am with you and I protect you.  I do not want a timid wife.  I want an emboldened wife that knows Me and trusts Me, that will go on adventures with Me, that will fearlessly dive head-first alongside Me without reservation about My ability and desire to keep you safe and protected.  I created a world, a galaxy, to be experienced.  I want a wife that will experience it ALL with Me, ever hand-in-hand with Me.  So be not afraid.  Be not fearful.  Be not worrisome.  For you have a Warrior King Husband with the resources, authority, will, drive, and love to protect and supply your all.  Instead, be encouraged, be empowered, be emboldened to walk confidently and valiantly WITH Me in victory and throughout the land I have conquered and given to you, where every step your foot trod is grace, supply, support, victory, gifted to YOU My most precious bride whom I love and cherish eternally, without ceasing forevermore with all that I am and all the life I have to give for I have given it for you already.

Be loved by Me.  Be loved in all ways and be loving as I love you.  Know Me and know love.  Know love and know peace, health, and joy everlasting.  You are My precious bride, My lovely and beautiful wife and I am forever with you and love you.

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