Be New! Be Free!

The Hubs here again.  Here’s another experience along my journey with I AM; a little playful and as always, very encouraging as he pours out his heart.  As before, text in italics is Jesus while regular text is me talking.

Jesus, what do you want to talk about this morning?

Let’s talk about sex ba-by!  Let’s talk about you and me….Just joking!

Well, not really.  I want to talk about love.  Love in our relationship, love with others.  I want to talk about how love can permeate throughout the world.  I love.  I am love.  I want to be invited in to all, to come in and illuminate all the dark areas, to restore all the closed off and hidden places in people, in their souls.  I want to use My love to make them, to make all whole.  I want to flow; out and through all so intimately that there is nothing hidden, no darkness, no shadow that can hide from My light, My love.  When that happens, then all will find wholeness, complete restoration, and peace.  Peace in the body.  Peace in the soul.  Peace in the spirit.

That is My gift.  That is My wish; that all will find, all will enjoy.  My love and acceptance reaches further, illuminates more, and is much more than you will ever see, more than you can fathom.  Its limits are like the horizon.  Every time you think you’ll reach it or get close to it, you’ll find it is further and more encompassing than your eyes could see.  There is always new in Me.  New things to explore.  New adventures and experience with Me.  In Me, all things are made new.  And if it’s always new, how can you ever find the end?

The answer is you can’t find the end and you won’t find an end.  For all is found in My hand, all is held together by Me and I make all things new and there is no end to Me.  Therefore, there is no end to the new in Me.  You are a new creation.  A new creation in My hand.  You are constantly being remade in Me.  You may not realize it, but I remake you new with every experience, every understanding, every thought.  The changes are small enough that you don’t recognize it, just as you don’t recognize the new skin you constantly get, one cell change at a time.  Don’t limit your newness; your new creation to a one-time event upon “salvation”.  You are in Me.  And I make all things new.  So you are constantly being remade as a new creation in Me.

You are new.  You are not shackled by your past, by past mistakes, by past desires.  You are made new and made free!  Free to live.  Free to choose.  You are only a slave if you choose it.  I make you new and I make you free.


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